Kalahari Melon Oil - Turning a drought-resistant weed into a high-value cosmetics ingredient
Research Partner
TGH Think Space NPC
TGH Think Space is a not-for-profit company based in Cape Town. The directors have more than 30 years of collective experience working on a wide range of energy, climate change and sustainability-related projects including those related to carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment
Distributor (North America)
Centerchem is an important global supplier of quality functional specialty ingredients used in a wide range of technology-based industries. Its history in the United States dates back to 1948, when it began as a marketer of naturally derived substances. Tracing its roots to Europe over a century ago, Centerchem today has become a leading international marketer of unique functional products for use in the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical ingredients, flavors, and fine chemical industries.
Distributor (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Lux.)
The Innovation Company
The Innovation Company® has developed, manufactured and offered a wide and functional range of innovative cosmetic raw materials for 30 years. Originally named Créations Couleurs®, we were specialized only in colour cosmetics. Since then the product range has grown also to sun care and skin care, and hence two new divisions along with Créations Couleurs® were developed; Créations Solaires® and Créations Soins®. Today all three divisions operate globally under the brand The Innovation Company®.
Distributor (Brazil)
A Sarfam opera no segmento de importação e distribuição de matérias primas e bioativos para a indústria cosmética no Brasil.
Distributor (UK)
Alfa Chemicals
Alfa Chemicals is a privately-owned, speciality chemical distributor. The Personal Care division offers high quality speciality ingredients to the UK Personal Care market. From an established portfolio of partners, we supply functional ingredients such as emulsifiers and texturising agents, as well as highly substantiated actives. From advising on the most appropriate ingredient for your project, through to close management of your order, delivery and after sales support - we are the experts
Lead Participant in Innovate UK Project
African Origin Oils
African Origin Oils is the leading producer of Kalahari Melon Oil. With a production and research track record of over 10 years, we have sold this unique ingredient to brands, formulators, and distributors on every continent except Antarctica.