Conservation of lake Olbolosat and Reducing Human-Wildlife Conflicts

We are a registered CBO and currently started a tree nursery for seedlings propagation and multiplication for planting in the riparian land of the lake. Earlier this year we faced the worse drought that caused the lake to dry up and many people lost their livestock for lack of water and pasture. We thought of maximizing output per unit area through alternative farming practices and that's what we are trying to convince the majority of the community to do.

The biggest challenge so far is resources to get started as pond fish farming is a bit expensive and also getting fingerlings is aso a challenge but we are hopeful one day our dream will come true. With this projects started, rehabilitation and unlocking the tourism potential of the lake can be achieved hence creating more opportunities for the community to engage in as the hippos in the lake can now become a source of wealth instead of the competition the has been the source of conflicts and lose of human life.

This will in turn improve the hospitality industry in our area and bring the much needed development closer to the people the improved infrastructure and many other facilities and hence attract different investments along the way.