The assocation ADAT- Asociación de Agricultores Tinecos- is representing coffee producers in the mountain range Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Huehuetenango, western Guatemala. The coffee is grown on family-run farms in diverse agroforestry systems, promoting both local biodiversity and the livelihood of rural communities. Their cultivation method does not only base on traditional knowledge being passed on from one generation to the next, but also fulfills the standards of organic and fair trade certification.
ADAT is currently constisting of 107 small farmers, about 30% of them women.

Coffee Profile

Altitude: 1,400 a 2,000 msnm
Area: 129.51 hectares
Coffee varieties: Arabian, Bourbon, Caturra, catuain, Green and Red Pache, Catimor
Annual harvest: 3,400 quintals
Treatment: washed and sun-dried
Certification: Fair Trade (FAIR TRADE), Kiwa BCS
SCA-score: 85

Buying this Coffee

Any inquiries should be directed to CODECH who is legally authorized to conduct business and plays a key role in the commercialization of the coffee. Therefore CODECH provides the main contact for any business-related questions or requests. You find more information at the following link.