Organic coffee from Guatemalan highlands
The project contributes to the regional initiative of promoting organic coffee production on local family-run farms in the mountain range of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in western Guatemala. This does not only contribute to the livelihood of the families involved, but also enhances sustainable land use, lanscape resilience and forest conservation.
Purchasing and sales
Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista
CODECH is legally authorized to conduct business and plays a key role in the commercialization of the coffee. Therefore CODECH provides the main contact for any business-related questions or requests.
Sales partner for Germany and the EU
DeLaSelva Regenwaldprodukte eG
DeLaSelva specialises in the import of specialty coffee, fine & flavour cacao and other sustainably produced high quality commodities from tropical forest regions to Europe. DeLaSelva provides the direct linkage between the smallholder farmer associations of these projects in Guatemala and the buyers of their products in the EU. If you are interested in these products, DeLaSelva is your primary contact.
With the support of
Asociación de Organizaciones de los Cuchumatanes
ASOCUCH is a umbrella organization uniting rural producer organizations in the region of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The organization provides technical assistance in coffee production and certification and collaborates closely with local communities.
Strategic partner
OroVerde – Tropical Forest Foundation
OroVerde is a tropical forest foundation, located in Germany. As a strategic partner OroVerde supports the regional initiative of organic coffee production in the mountain range Sierra de los Cuchumatanes and provides assistance in the internationa commercialzation of the product.
Implementing association
Asociación de Agricultores Tinecos
The association is representing small producers cultivating organic coffee in rural communties.