The association ADIPY- Asociación de Desarrollo Integral Productivo Yamanonh- consists of currently 218 coffee farmers in the mountain range of Sierra de los Cuchumatanes in western Guatemala. About 44% of the members are women. The coffee is grown on local, family-owned farms in agroforestry systems that enhance the landscape´s biodiversity and provide an additional source of income and food to the households. The coffee is of the highest quality and fulfills both organic and Fairtrade standards.

Coffee Profile

Altitude: 1.350- 2.191 m
Area: 133 ha
Coffee varieties: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Pache (verde and rojo), Typica
Annual harvest: 407 tons
Treatment: washed and sun-dried
Certification: Kiwa BCS, Fairtrade
SCA-score: 85

Buying this Coffee

Any inquiries should be directed to CODECH who is legally authorized to conduct business and plays a key role in the commercialization of the coffee. Therefore CODECH provides the main contact for any business-related questions or requests. You find more information at the following link.