Mangrove restoration for climate action and community development
Research partner
Pathein University
Pathein University is collaborating with WIF on the mangrove based research activities on soil carbon and on both fauna and flora.
Land owner
Ayeyarwady Regional Government
Ayeyarwady Regional Government owns the lands where these mangrove restoration project is implemented. WIF have signed relevant MOUs to restore and replant on these lands.
Research partner
Myanmar University of Forestry
In partnership with
Ayarwaddy Division Forest Department
Land right recommendation and consultation for forest services
Research partner
Myanmar Forest Research Institute
The vision is to bring innovation and inspiration to the world of wind, water and waves. Because of ocean pollution, it's now not only about making the best boards in the world, but also the best boards for the world
Global Mangrove Trust
A non-profit organisation based in Singapore, led by a team of multidisciplinary innovators, educators, and environmentalists; and supported by an advisory of forward-thinking individuals and organisations.
Global marketplace for any kind of assets built on the top of blockchain technology.
Worldwide leader when it comes to portable ice skating rinks and is a trusted one-shop-stop business partner. Ice-World offsets 100% of its CO2 emissions by buying RECS and planting mangrove forests in Myanmar.
Supply specialist cleaning products for industrial applications supplying products that have a low impact on the environment and people.
Pegasus Helicopter
Helicopter services with state of the art equipment and experienced pilots.
Sundt Air
Norwegian private jet charter planting trees to mitigate the amount of CO2 released.
Radio Arcala