Reforestation and afforestation integrated into local life by Graine de Vie

The indigenous approach and the local anchoring are the foundations of Graine de Vie's philosophy.
The establishment of our nurseries is based on a local initiative. The authorities (communal and tribal) and the village associations (women, farmers, schoolchildren) contact us after they discover our actions in the surrounding villages.

Through our interactions, they understand more and more how the massive destruction of their forests threatens their supply of timber, water, and food. Indeed, in the countries where we are active, 85% of the population survives only on natural resources.
By becoming aware of this, they themselves become the main protagonists of reforestation. Our role is to put at their disposal, in the heart of often isolated villages, a nursery, each producing annually 10,000 seedlings of cash crop trees.

Then, our team organises plantations of 10,000 forest trees using the "direct seeding" technique. With this technique, the seeds prepared in advance are planted directly into the soil at the beginning of the rainy season.
Cooperation with the communes allows us not only to adapt to the administrative structure on the spot but also to include the community aspect in our actions and ensure the sustainability of our projects.

In order to successfully fulfil our missions, we wish to build multiple partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: