ALPI Group

The ALPI S.P.A Group, founder of the ALPICAM Group, is a company with private and family capital created in Italy in 1918. The company started operations in Africa in 1975, when it opened the first plant in Cameroon in the form of a Limited Liability Company (SARL) under Cameroonian law. Over the years the ALPI group has expanded its activities to ensure direct control of the entire chain of supply and production, from the log to crafted products.

Today the ALPI Group and its partners hold concessions for the management of over half a million hectares of forest in the Congo Basin. It is one of the main industrial firms in the wood sector in Africa, operating through ALPICAM Industries (peeled wood, plywood, sawn lumber), ALPICAM and Grumcam (sawed lumber and logs), with commercial activities through LES, controlled by the parent company in Italy. The company's Cameroonian operations are engaged in logging, processing, and export of logs, veneers, plywood, trenches, and cuttings. Their export markets include Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, China, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Tunisia, and Senegal.