Landscape Innovation in Uganda's Forests


Uganda is one of the most fertile places in the world, and its growing economy is fueling demand for forest products.In 1990, approximately 30% of Uganda was covered with forests, but by 2018 this figure had fallen to 8%. The major drivers of this deforestation include a booming population – growing at a rate of 3.2% annually – expanding farmland, unregulated charcoal production and rapid urbanization. There are significant afforestation and reforestation opportunities on under-utilized land. In the Mityana and Bugiri landscapes plantation forestry industry, civil society and national governments are working together to drive sustainable economic development.

Scope of Work

The engagement is envisaged to strengthen the company's integrated Community+Conservation+Commerce-based Shared Value approach to doing business, while also growing and positively impacting the broader Ugandan forestry landscape. NFC will be ideally positioned as the anchor investment for the evolution of Uganda as a regional bio-economy/timber processing hub.

The project will promote landscape stewardship with neighboring communities to promote awareness and protection of biodiversity, waterways and green belts around the company’s forest management units while also unlocking the potential for carbon finance in the landscape.