The Ourika Community Gardens

"At its origin, this project began with Mr. Saint Laurent’s passion for Morocco. A deeply ingrained interest in the region that inspired the designer for more than 30 years. It was some 30 kilometers from Marrakesh that YSL Beauty embarked on a new chapter in its history – one dedicated to women and their demand for truth, transparency and authenticity.
With the creation of the Ourika Community Gardens, the brand today renews its commitment to reinvention and action by developing an innovative and socially responsible program connected to the earth. The gardens feature a growing area with 64 square patches that are home to more than 200 botanical species, along with an experimental and observation laboratory plants from which active ingredients are developed, and a decorative garden paying tribute to the iconic flowers that inspired Yves Saint Laurent."

Stephan Bezy,
International General Manager,
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty